Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Launch of the EtsyVoguettes Team!!!

Yay!! So we're finally up and running! This blog is of course just in its initial stages, and suggestions are more than welcome :) I will set it so that all members can post- if you could just send an email to etsyvoguettes[@]gmail.com I can send you an invitation.

I have set up an etsyvoguettes buyer account on etsy HERE so that I can collect favourites for the pics that appear in the side panel on this site (the Etsy mini). Convo me there if you want a particular item of yours to be added otherwise I'll just choose one from time to time.

The profile for our team is HERE down the bottom on the Australian teams site.

I just made the banner quickly because I couldn't think of what else to use, seeing as we all sell different things. Open to suggestions for everything!

I can include blogs from members on the list here- just let me know via email! Or you can leave a comment on the blog and I'll try to keep up :)

Hmmmm....cant think of anything else right now :)

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