Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australian Bushfire Appeal on Etsy

BeMyValentine Necklace

Swallow Hair Clip by Hokey

Rain Earrings by FinchBird

Just a quick post- there are quite a few etsians donating partial or full profits from their items to the bushfire appeal, especially the Australian DUST Team.
There's a special Bushfire appeal shop OzBushfireAppeal.etsy.com run by the team, with 100% of proceeds being donated (free postage).
Also, here is a list of items from lots of sellers donating part or all of the proceeds from sales.
Thanks for looking :)

PercivalRoad (MillyMolly from the forums) is donating 50% of proceeds this week from her shop www.percivalroad.etsy.com

I have a few things in my shops www.VintagePrincipessa.etsy.com and www.NotRocketSugery.com where I will donate 100% of proceeds or $10US from sales

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gorgeous magnolias

by magnoliagrandiflora
Well I'm very excited to have just made my first Etsy sale... though it was hard to part with it at the post office this morning because I fall in love with every piece I make! It's a wonderful feeling when someone else shares that desire for something you've created :-) I thought I'd post some of my favourite magnolia items I've found on Etsy. I am always painting magnolias and am always inspired when I see anything that features the flower, leaves or pod. Aggh lurvely...
1 LulaBoutique - Miss Magnolia Bloom - lucite ring
2 crumpetcake - Blossoming Magnolia Flower Necklace - pewter
3 Fondue - Magnolia chic 1950s Vintage Wallpaper Switch Plate
4 SmittenXOXO - Two Gardenias (buff ivory) - silk clip
5 ArtOfAndrewDaniel - 8 X 10 INCH PRINT Magnolia Pod

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cupcake Heaven

Cupcakes have long been a favourite of mine. A lot of Etsy sellers seem to be big fans of these tasty morsels too, with cupcake paraphernalia ranging from beanies to soaps and cards to crochet goods popping up.There is also a great range of vintage cupcake goods available, kewpie doll and rosy cheeked girl and boy toppers from the 1950's are real gems that would work great on pastel iced cupcakes. Check out MLouIsPink

Clockwise. Pretty butterfly toppersfrom bakeitpretty.Valentines day foil topppers also from bakeitpretty. Cupcakes with guns from snew. Cupcake purse from artikektonika.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Every Little Heartbeat

Its Anastasia here!
Thought Id share some Etsy lovelies I found....inspired by this beautiful song

(from top left)
*Head over heels by PaperCanary
*Love Song paper strips by Ormolu
*Heart (bracelet) by Smashing
*Valentines Day card by Me

Monday, February 2, 2009

Night Owls Represent

Hello ladies! I've been living up to my namesake (ThatUnreliableGirl, aka MsUnreliable) of late and have been neglecting my Etsy Loving duties. So I'm finally checking in to share some of my latest handmade finds!

My bodyclock has been AWOL of late, so I've decided to embrace my night owl status. And what better way to do that than to trawl Etsy for a little company?!

If it wasn't for the lousy Australian dollar, this vintage ceramic owl planter would already be mine. I even have the perfect little strawberry plant that needs to be repotted. Curse you $AU!

I could also make a little room on my fridge for this jumbo owl magnet (on the left), and I have plenty of staid work outfits that could do with a little character, like this adorable little owl brooch.

And let's be honest, despite my best efforts to jazz up my rent-a-box apartment, my walls are still painfully white. Maybe a set of owl prints is just what my walls need! I love this cute little owl illustration (left), and the textures and colours in this owl collage print are gorgeous too!

All night owls need a partner in crime, but perhaps I need two! Lily the Sweet Owl (left) is yet another gorgeous creation from Skunkboy Creatures (more here), and Chester the Owl looks way too cute to ignore! I can totally see myself sitting down with these two fellow night owls, sipping tea and discussing the latest blog trends. Or something. I don't think this nocturnal thing is doing good things for my brain.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feel like a cup of tea and a chat?

Welcome to our new members- great to see so many Voguettes on etsy :) I just wanted to post and let everyone know that we have a chat thread on the etsy forum, in case you've missed it. Come and say hi and share your new listings, suggestions, questions and everything else!
(Earrings from OurTeaParty)