Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let Your Hair Down

As someone who is in desperate need of a haircut, I find myself drawn to all sorts of images of hair, wondering if it's time for a pixie cut or a return to brunette-dom at the very least. As tends to be the case however, it's when you've stopped looking that you find an unexpected spark of inspiration. Spotted at Where The Lovely Things Are, I'm absolutely loving these delicate illustrations - and better yet, they're all available at nosideup's Etsy store!

I think I'll keep my hair long for the time being.Now just to master something a little more elaborate than a stock-standard pony tail!


AnastasiaC said...

Wow!! amazing illos!!

pollicino said...

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I need a guide said...

great fine draw!


Monika Dubska said...

wow those hairstyles are really cool :)

Hope to hear from you,
Monika ♥

Sam said...

These are amazing! Have I been to your site before? I don't think so! It's a wonderful find! :)

Michelle said...

Super cute. I love the second image.