Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aussie Stylistas

Linen Dress with Belt in Wheat by Pamelatang

Until I went looking, I didn't quite realise how many stylish clothing designers we have amongst us. I thought I'd share some of the funkiest stores I came across (now if only I had a few spare etsy dollars!)...

Black Winter Dress by Lyptis

Acid Singlet with Ela Rose by AshleighTaylorSydney

Reconstructed White Fleece Winter Dress 'Ella' by HeidiAndSeek

Black on Black Bustier by PenelopeRed


Anonymous said...

great style, I'm loving the winter dress especially

Dallas Shaw said...

loving that comfy black dress- wish i was wearing it right now!


Rolfe Bautista said...

you have an absolutely awesome etsy shop. It trumps mine for sure lol :P

7 Year Wedding said...

Lovely dresses! My fav is the first one, would be perfect for the weather we are having right now!

jess said...

oooo i love the acid singlet.

I wanted to mention to you the paper exchange on my blog...turns out I AM going to make it be international because it didn't turn out as big as I had planned. there will be four of us, two US gals, a gal from Switzerland, and yourself (as long as you still want to participate). check back for my post Monday morning to find details. thanks! :)

jenny said...

I like it, actually I am from NY state and I have seen so many good fashion trend at here but I got your to good. Thanks for sharing and the last black dress is really gorgeous.
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kanishk said...

I'm loving the winter dress especially
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