Monday, June 22, 2009

ravishing red

From left to right, clockwise:

1. Teabag Brooch - Pink by SophieIsobelDesigns
2. Red Rose Ring
by FancifulForm
3. Vintage 40s Black Cherry Suede Pinup Heels over at DearGoldenVintage
4. Cocoon - Butterfly Hair Comb
by whichgoose

Just a few lovely things sitting in my favourites.
How cute is that teabag brooch?! RHETORICAL. For obviously its cuteness knows no bounds.
Have you bought anything nice on Etsy lately? Do share! :)


rejenerate said...

I bought something cute and red from Etsy lately:

They perform absolutely no function except for sit on my window sill and make me smile.

Hey, I had to have them :)

RocketGirl said...

Sigh...I buy too many things on etsy :( I'm getting a bag custom-made by the lovely so that's exciting!! :)

Hilton said...

Vintage shoes ding ding. That a very ancient design recreated. Love the the butterfly hair comb very swanky,perfect for the races.

live2laugh said...

omg, such an adorable ring. i want something like this. I've never been on etsy either, thanks for sharing the great find :)

jenny said...

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kanishk said...

great style, I'm loving the winter dress especially
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