Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Etsy Loveliness

Good afternoon all! I hope you are having a marvellous air-conditioned day!
Here are five of my favourites on Etsy lately (which look set to be just favourites for awhile thanks to the ever-falling AUD, woe). I'm Clara-Bow on the forums btw. :)

1. Black Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake Soap from Morgan Street Patisserie. It looks so delicious I'm not sure I could actually use it!

2. French Pastries Necklace from Robin's Jewelry Box. I love the detail in this. Mmm food.

3. This
Tea Cup Purse is from talented Australian designer Tabitha Emma. This is so cute that I may have squealed aloud when I first saw it...!

4. And now for a non-food related item...this Cream Brocade Pleated Clutch is from another Australian Etsy seller, mystudio.

5. Annnnnd lastly, I had to include this Clara Bow Retro Scrabble Tile Pendant from Vanity Design. Sweet, no?

Thanks for looking, ciao bellas!


bridechic said...

Love these. Usually I'm hanging around the etsy bridal and clothing shops . . . have to get over and check out more in bath and beauty

EtsyVoguettesBlog: VintagePrincipessa said...

I want that clutch!!
Thanks for posting :)

Ms Unreliable said...

Delicious looking food items that I cannot eat are just torture! Especially when it's cupcakes and pastries, arg! I feel like both right now!