Saturday, January 17, 2009

More favourites :)

Continuing the favourites theme....

Vintage Lace Dress- my favourite from my recent listings
Serotonin Molecular
Necklace - from MolecularMuse. I really want one!!

Heart and Swallow Filligree Necklace - from AliceWearsGold of course ;)
House in a Box necklace - JDavisStudio... such a cute idea


Ms Unreliable said...

Great finds! Another gorgeous dress and I luuurve that little house necklace...I found a little something on Etsy in the same vein, I'll dig it out and share it tomorrow perhaps :)

Alice Wears Gold said...

Aww how cute is that little house necklace!

Linzzzy said...

I wish I wasn't so poor, I want that little house necklace so bad!

bridechic said...

Really love the 1950s dress. Very chic