Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gorgeous magnolias

by magnoliagrandiflora
Well I'm very excited to have just made my first Etsy sale... though it was hard to part with it at the post office this morning because I fall in love with every piece I make! It's a wonderful feeling when someone else shares that desire for something you've created :-) I thought I'd post some of my favourite magnolia items I've found on Etsy. I am always painting magnolias and am always inspired when I see anything that features the flower, leaves or pod. Aggh lurvely...
1 LulaBoutique - Miss Magnolia Bloom - lucite ring
2 crumpetcake - Blossoming Magnolia Flower Necklace - pewter
3 Fondue - Magnolia chic 1950s Vintage Wallpaper Switch Plate
4 SmittenXOXO - Two Gardenias (buff ivory) - silk clip
5 ArtOfAndrewDaniel - 8 X 10 INCH PRINT Magnolia Pod

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