Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cupcake Heaven

Cupcakes have long been a favourite of mine. A lot of Etsy sellers seem to be big fans of these tasty morsels too, with cupcake paraphernalia ranging from beanies to soaps and cards to crochet goods popping up.There is also a great range of vintage cupcake goods available, kewpie doll and rosy cheeked girl and boy toppers from the 1950's are real gems that would work great on pastel iced cupcakes. Check out MLouIsPink

Clockwise. Pretty butterfly toppersfrom bakeitpretty.Valentines day foil topppers also from bakeitpretty. Cupcakes with guns from snew. Cupcake purse from artikektonika.

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magnoliagrandiflora - tania lovering designs said...

Fantastic cards! Thanks for posting... I'm off to make cupcakes now :-)