Monday, February 2, 2009

Night Owls Represent

Hello ladies! I've been living up to my namesake (ThatUnreliableGirl, aka MsUnreliable) of late and have been neglecting my Etsy Loving duties. So I'm finally checking in to share some of my latest handmade finds!

My bodyclock has been AWOL of late, so I've decided to embrace my night owl status. And what better way to do that than to trawl Etsy for a little company?!

If it wasn't for the lousy Australian dollar, this vintage ceramic owl planter would already be mine. I even have the perfect little strawberry plant that needs to be repotted. Curse you $AU!

I could also make a little room on my fridge for this jumbo owl magnet (on the left), and I have plenty of staid work outfits that could do with a little character, like this adorable little owl brooch.

And let's be honest, despite my best efforts to jazz up my rent-a-box apartment, my walls are still painfully white. Maybe a set of owl prints is just what my walls need! I love this cute little owl illustration (left), and the textures and colours in this owl collage print are gorgeous too!

All night owls need a partner in crime, but perhaps I need two! Lily the Sweet Owl (left) is yet another gorgeous creation from Skunkboy Creatures (more here), and Chester the Owl looks way too cute to ignore! I can totally see myself sitting down with these two fellow night owls, sipping tea and discussing the latest blog trends. Or something. I don't think this nocturnal thing is doing good things for my brain.


Penelope said...

Everything's so cute-cute (but then again so is all owl paraphernalia)! *covets*

AnastasiaC said...

oh these owly things! hoot hoot!

RocketGirl said...

Gorgeous post :)

xx Fellow night-owl (funkstar/VintageP)